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The main purpose of my work is well recognizable in the following text.... 



                                Dear Readers,


                                I would like to share some thoughts about living

                                in the moment.


                                I  lived 17 years until the end of 2022 in the old part

                                of Afionas, a beautiful mountain village in the

                                north west of Corfu island, which is located on the

                                top of a hill.
                                To the south you have a breathtaking view down

                                to the large bay of St George and looking to the 

                                north you face the wideness of the sea with the 

                                five Diapontia Islands of Othonoi, Erikousa, 

                                Mathraki, Diabolo and Gravia.


                                These surroundings already make it very easy to
                                be in the moment:


                                sitting down,

                                being calm,
                                watching the environment,

                                listening to the sounds of the sea and the birds,    

                                feeling the sun and the wind,

                                smelling the herbs and the flowers.


                                Spending a lot of time caring for my garden and
                                renovating the house, I realized that it is good
                                to be "living in the moment" whilst going about

                                your daily activities. 


                                Living in the moment means that you are highly

                                concentrated and therefore you are highly
                                efficient in whatever you do.


                                In turn, this means you lose the feeling of
                                time. When you do this you are never in a hurry,
                                which in turn means you make less mistakes and
                                you minimize the risk of getting injured or having

                                an accident.


                                Also you are aware of your senses; being aware
                                of your senses means you are receptive to
                                receive plenty of information giving you new
                                ideas for the next step of your activity or even
                                unexpected insights about other topics you were
                                dealing with in your mind.


                                Living in the moment means you are connected
                                with your body and therefore you immediately
                                feel when you are overdoing your work

                                or activity by receiving information if things
                                start to feel uncomfortable or painful.

                                For example in your back, your head, your hands

                                or your joints.

                                This again gives you the opportunity to stop, or to 

                                change the way in which you are doing your work

                                or activity in order to avoid having physical 



                                Maybe now you can understand the benefits we
                                achieve by just living in the moment?


                                It feels like on the top of a hill in Afionas:


                                sitting down,

                                being calm,

                                watching the environment, 
                                listening to the sounds of the sea and the birds,
                                feeling the sun and the wind,

                                smelling the herbs and the flowers. 




                                        Thank you for listening,


                                            Torsten Tilmans




To be healthy is a human natural original condition. You use up far more energy becoming ill than staying healthy.



"Yet to be healthy does not mean never to be ill or never experience pain.

It rather means to go through periods of discomfort or illness with a certain serenity and a feeling of inner peace and trust."



Our body is perfectly equipped with an unbelievable experience and knowledge, genetically stored in every single cell of it, since millions of years developing and optimizing its flexebility. Our congential, inherent "body - intelligence" is working permanenlty and succesfully for us,...we

can relay on it! 

Unfortunately, the above mentioned facts are not experienced like that

by most of the people, as our current health care system does not sufficiently aply and provide this information ( yet ! ).

I see myself as a responsable part of this health care system, and I would like to share with you some logic and less expensive alternative healing approaches, which play an important role in my work as a physiotherapist. I want to point out our personal potential for selfhealing processes, and a self-responsable, healthy life style.

In that context, I consider  body and mind are inseperable, interacting, mutually - interdepending parts of a holistic unit.



"This means that you can affect the mind over the body, just as how you can influence the body over the mind."



This situation offers us plenty of therapeutical possibilities which are easy to learn and are quickly integrated into our every day life activities. Our perception of the world and our body changes, therefore in turn so does our way of thinking and acting.




Aspects of my work

The most important aspects / themes of my work with you ( and myself ! )

are as follows:


  • The relief of pain in acute or chronic physical ailments with physiotherapeutic techniques and methods, together with mental / spiritual techniques and methods.


  • Increasing the body awareness ( attention directed towards the inside of your body ), for example: various breathing techniques and breathing exercises.


  • Learning easy and effective exercises that relax the body and especially the mind, will allow the healing process to happen more easily and to increase your future quality of life. ( Prevention )





Mr. Corfu-Physios hands
...stärkt das Immunsystem!
...stärkt das Immunsystem!
...hilft anders zu handeln!
...hilft anders zu handeln!
...eine Frage die sich jeder gelegentlich mal in Ruhe beantworten sollte!
...eine Frage die sich jeder gelegentlich mal in Ruhe beantworten sollte!
Eine freie offene Initiative wandlungswilliger Menschen.
Eine freie offene Initiative wandlungswilliger Menschen.

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