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My name is Torsten Tilmans ("Anam"), born in 1973, certified physiotherapist, living and working all year around in Afionas, in the north-west of Corfu.
CORFU - PHYSIO would like to inform you how you can spend your holidays in the beautiful north-west of Corfu island, in terms of relaxation, therapy and personal development.
For most people, holidays are very important to gain some distance from their challenging and tiring all day life activities, to relax their body and soul and probably, to collect some new inspiring experiences.
In such a holiday setting, it is much easier for the human mind and body to release mental and physical tensions ( = healing ), especially those specific physical symptoms, such as back - or joint problems, headaches, etc., which are often treated physiotherapeuticly.
After 15 years of professional experience working with tourists in a holiday destination and based on plenty of positive feedback from my clients I can say that long lasting therapeutic success is often easier to achieve in a holiday setting, as opposed to therapeutical sessions at home in a quite tight time schedule and stressful environment.
For this reason, I offer you professional symptom - orientated physiotherapy, or holistic relaxation treatments in a relaxed atmosphere, actually in a HOLIDAY ATMOSPHERE.
Long treatments ( not less than 40 minutes ) in a stress-free setting before and after the treatment, serve us for long lasting therapeutical success and deep relaxation experiences!
Have fun discovering CORFU - PHYSIO !

CORFU-PHYSIO 2020: Beginner-Yoga in "Agape Luna" Vrachos- Hotel, Ag. Georgios Pagon

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Corfu ( Kerkyra )

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Do it yourself shoulder mobilisation

( it's in german, but you can try it carefully by watching. )

Mr. Corfu-Physios hands
...stärkt das Immunsystem!
...stärkt das Immunsystem!
...hilft anders zu handeln!
...hilft anders zu handeln!
...eine Frage die sich jeder gelegentlich mal in Ruhe beantworten sollte!
...eine Frage die sich jeder gelegentlich mal in Ruhe beantworten sollte!
Eine freie offene Initiative wandlungswilliger Menschen.
Eine freie offene Initiative wandlungswilliger Menschen.

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